Welcome to the Official Homepage of International Indie` Film Actor/ Director  Swaroop Kanchi. Swaroop Kanchi is a multi faceted film maker currently residing in India.

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Still from Yeh dil Ramta Jogi


He has worked across the globe in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Cambodia, Himalayas and made films such as Black Sugar & Hong Kong Dreaming. His latest films are bengaloored & Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi.

His films have premiered around the world in many international film festivals such as New York International Film Festival. The UK Interntational Film Festival, Ashland Film Festival, Bengalooru International Film Festival & many more. His last 2 films released in India Theatrically to critical acclaim and box office Success.

Watch Swaroop Kanchi’s critically acclaimed Indian English Film ‘Bengaloored’ right here & on Indie Reign.

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