Love is destruction

Love is Destruction. you can never build in love. You can never create anything new, its the total acceptance of death. Creation is disdain, by its very nature, a will to create is the manifestation of disdain for that which already exists,a conflict with the esistence as it is. Only an incomplete being can create.

In love, you destroy, in Love you are destroyed. You degenerate into something primal, a choiceless entity with no will of it’s own, with no goals, no hope and no identity. In love you cannot but exist as an expression. not as a lover but as love itself, with nothing to cling on to.

Death is love, Love is death. completely destroyed, broken down, torn apart, shattered, every ounce of every dream, every inch of happiness is destroyed and then emerges a thoughtless, mindless reality with no prejudices.

A being- A non being.

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  1. Love is not destruction! Grapes are sour, huh? ;)

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