Heart is Home

I feel Just like Arjuna. In the middle of a great battle, with the weapons in my hands waiting to fight my own, for the sake of the unknown. Telling stories is my work, my way of life. Is it okay for me to tell a story I dont necessarily believe. Is it okay to promote something that I necessarily dont agree upon. Is it good judgement to go against my own boundaries of morality and sense of right & wrong.

I dont know. But sometimes when the flow of nature brings upon me adventures such as this. Predicaments waiting for me to unravel and come to peace with, I find a certain joy within. A sense of excitement about the adventure and utter hopelessness and to an extent acute carelessness, coupled with me being possessed by the spirit of Action.

So let things that ought to come my way come when they do. I will walk the path that is ahead. Let’s see where existence takes me. But ofcourse all way I want to be Home. Following my heart, will it take me home? some say Heart is Home. well I will wait for it to reveal itself.

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