The year gone by

As the year has almost ended, im thinking yet again, just like all the other years, how fast this one has gone by. So much has happened, yet so little. so much could happen and so much did happen. So i thought Id make a list of all the highs and lows of 2008. just for it’s own sake. My accomplishments and my shortcomings. the good days and the bad.

1. I completed Hong Kong Dreaming. Just completing it was a big hassle and the things that went wrong and the things that went right to make this happen. The experience was amazing. I feel truly blessed and it was definitely a huge sigh of relief.

2. The screening of Hong Kong dreaming in Bangalore-it was a great affair, quite nerve wrecking as no one in Bangalore had watched any of my work. So first exposure of the kind of work I do. It was a great success and a fodder for me to make bigger and better films.

2. I produced a film. I handled production without myself getting into direction. It was a great experience as I learnt & understood what I really want to do in the film Business. Be a director and definitely not get too involved in Producing.

3.Got my own office. Finally after years and years of searching & not being able to have my own space to work, I finally did get the space, now I just need to utilise it far better.

4. Made the most money this year than Ive ever made in my life. A lot of Luck, good fortune and Hard work(paid off).

5. Met a childhood crush. I dont know if this should be here on the list. Bcoz its nt such a big deal, But to be honest it deserved to be here.

Now for the not so good parts.

1.loveless all 2008

2. barely there-social life..needless to say more.

3. Zero travels-Did not travel anywhere, whereas I should have-atleast inside the country.

4. Lost a dear friend-no, not to death but to time.

5. Become the heaviest Ive ever been-sad but true but will be undone for sure in 2009

well thts the list, as Im in a mood to sing my heart out, i might as well put up a list of resolutions or wishes fr 2009 too…

1. find love.

2. Make Buddha a reality (talk to me fr more details)

3. Get a life-go out party, basically get a life.

4. Travel for work -Mumbai, Los Angeles for hong kong dreaming as well as Buddha

5. Travel to himalayas

6. Make some money ;)

7. Start shooting Buddha

8. Lose weight for sure-atleast 10 kilos with exercise and good diet (fingers crossed* really want to)

Well I guess that’s that, would love to wish u a happy New Year and God Bless, hope & pray for a good O9!!!

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